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Mail Us your items for servicing and get it back in no time. We have a quick turn around time.


For local residents we have a drop off option. Contact us to schedule.



A great resource for senior citizens, disabled individuals, or people with a tight schedule.

Our Mission

DR. Tech-Solutions is committed to providing a variety of technical services for individuals, companies and repair shops. We believe in the repair approach and the provisioning of competitive solutions in order to make it a cost effective alternative to the disposing of your precious electronics devices.

Through out the years we've seen how many repair shops, in the field of computers and consumer electronics, function. The replacing of mal-functioning parts without an attempt to service them, due to lack of technical resources, causes an unjust costly repair service that usually discourages people from repairing their devices. It is our goal to provide our customers with the best and most affordable options and make them feel happy for a long time about their decision to follow our recommendations.
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